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Thursday, October 31, 2013

iPad Art Apps for Drawing

Below is a list of applications that I have tried and used for drawing. I have ranked the apps from best to least, and according to my preferences and experiences while using the apps.

1. Procreate

Proceate is my favorite app for drawing. For a beginner like me, I did not find difficulty in learning how to use the app the first time I tried it. What I love most about the app is that it is simple and there is a wonderful set of brushes arranged in categories like inking, painting and airbrushing. Brushes are also customizable depending on your preference. Brushes can be created by selecting your own textures and shapes. The smudge tool and eraser can be customized as well. Layers can be added in the app and there are blending options available such as multiply, screen, add, lighten and exclusion. The app has a limit of 16 layers, so I tend to merge layers to make room for more.

2. Artstudio

Artsudio is also an excellent option for drawing.  This app is not for drawing alone, it is also for editing photos and creating designs. What I love about the app is that it comes with the menu on top for various commands like editing the size of the layer, changing the image and canvas size, adjust, select, merging layers or creating masks, and has a few filters to choose from. The app comes with several fonts for text.

This application is a bit more complicated than other drawing apps and may require knowledge and previous experiences with programs like Photoshop. Beginners will have to take time warming up to this application.

3. ArtRage

I was surfing the net for drawing apps to download when I came across ArtRage. My first impression was that the app is very beautiful and can create realistic artworks. After downloading the app, I fell in love with the tools that drew like real pencils, brushes, pens, pastels, etc. The canvas can be selected and comes in several textures and the grain size can be adjusted. What amazed me is how the texture of the canvas as well as the texture of the tool I chose blends together. The app tracks how much paint, wetness and pressure is applied to the canvas. 

I found changing the settings of the tools a bit time consuming because I had to tap on the gear icons on the lower right before you can scroll and adjust the size of the brush or the pressure, unlike other apps where the adjustment bars are found directly on the tool bars. The app runs slow at times and tends to lag when there is too much stuff on the canvas. There are also times the app complains about having low memory.

4. Brushes

Brushes is very simple to use. There are over a hundred brushes/tools to choose from. Aside from that, there is an option where you can set a brush/tool (pencil, tortillon, airbrush, etc.) as your "favorite" and it will appear in the bar on the lower part of the screen. The color swatches and the dropper tool are very accessible. There are also preset backgrounds that come with the app, or any photo in the library can be selected as your drawing background. The app records the progression of drawings made and can be viewed by pressing "play" in the menu.

One thing I don't like about the app is that it does not have layers. It is a good app for starters who prefer to keep things simple and less techy.

5. Paper by FiftyThree

On first impression, Paper is very eye-catching. Upon opening the app, sample works can be found in a notebooks. The notebooks serve as folders where your creations are stored. Flipping through pages of the notebook is such a delight because it is animated and seems realistic. 

I was disappointed when I was about to try it out for drawing. After seeing it free in the Appstore, I immediately downloaded the app. The free app only comes with two tools, the sign pen and the eraser. There is no setting where the size of the tool or opacity of the color can be changed. The other tools can be purchased in the app for $1.99. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Random Drawing of Random Stuff

I was rearranging the stuff in my room when I found this drawing I made in 2008.
This was drawn in one of my notebooks, during my undergraduate years. 
Random stuff are in this drawing.

Can you find all these in the picture?
 A smiley, butterfly, ladybug, ruler, paper bills, 2 crayons, a cookie, candy cane, underwear and a needle. Have fun. =D